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Buckingham College of London takes seriously its responsibility to support students through their studies. The study support team (all the tutors & Study support staff) at the College is happy to meet and discuss support for your learning needs. The Study Support Staff will have the following technological teaching and learning support aids and measures available:
  • Laptop / Computers
  • Alpha Smart Keyboards
  • Cassette Recorders/Dictaphones
  • Spell Checkers
  • Text Help and Talk Back software
  • CCTV for students with Visual Impairment
  • 21” Monitor
  • Coloured overlay screening of Visual discomfort in Dyslexia
  • Modification of Learning Materials
  • Extra Time for Assessments
  • Alternative assessment arrangements
  • Reader/Scribe support
  • Learning Support Tutorials (one to one groups)
  • Maths and English
  • Time Management
  • Exam/Revision techniques
  • Open access to computers
Reasons for coming to Study Support:
  • Confused?
  • Dyslexic?
  • Slow Learner?
  • Doubtful?
  • Any disabilities?
  • Language difficulties?
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