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Agent Recruitment Policy & Procedure
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Buckingham College of London wants to appoint the right kind of agents and certain criteria are identified for their selection. The College expects every Agent to act ethically for the benefit of the students. The agent's performance will be monitored by the College through the number of visa refusals; number of students who fail to enroll or complete the course and student's attendance. Once the students arrive in this country a feedback sheet will be completed by the students which will be attached with their enrolment pack and it is analysed without any bias. A field will be created in the Student Management System so that the College can analyse the performance of the agent on the basis of how the students are adhering to the attendance policy, and the intention of the students to study. An agent’s contract will not be renewed if
  • The student feedback is not up to the expectation of the College
  • If the visa refusal rate is high
  • If the drop-out percentage of students brought by the agent is high.
Criteria for the appointment International Agent
The College will observe the following while appointing an agent to recruit international students:
  • An agent will be selected on merit on the basis of fair and open competition.
  • Prospective agents will be given equal and reasonable access to information about the role and its requirements and about the College’s policy on agent selection.
  • The college will undertake reasonable measures to establish the integrity and worthiness of an agent.
  • References will be required and any offer will be subject to satisfactory references.
  • The marketing and recruitment manager or one of the College nominees may visit the agent. This will help the formation of opinion about the location, facilities, staffing and other attributes of the agent.
  • A formal memorandum of understanding will be signed between the College and the agent who is selected to recruit international students on behalf of the college.
  • Details about financial aspects such as commission payable to the agent will be clearly stated and agreed upon in the memorandum of understanding.
  • The College will provide all relevant material including prospectus, application forms, brochures, admission policy and procedures, fee policy, refund policy and other relevant information to the agent.
  • The agent will undertake not to exaggerate or overstate any information on the College.
  • The agent will be required to keep a record of a student from initial contact to the final action on the application. This should include details of any financial transaction
  • The College will address any complaint against the agent, and a zero-tolerance policy will be followed. The College will follow equal opportunity at every stage of the selection process. The process will be based on consistent criteria applied uniformly to all candidates.
  • The contract will be for a probation period of 6 months and will be renewed every year after reviewing the ethical behaviour and efficiency.
Briefing Documents for Agents
Buckingham College of London is committed to compliance with the immigration rules of UKBA : and is willing to take only genuine students who are able to and intend to follow their course.
  • Buckingham College of London will provide information and data to agents (authorised individuals or organizations). The agents will assist, support and give guidance to the students wishing to do their course at Buckingham College of London, and be in constant touch with the students from the issue of CAS untill they report to the College.
  • The design, text and any data of any publicity prepared by the Representative, which refers to Buckingham College of London, is to be approved in advance by the College. Copyright, logo and trading rights on all material shall remain vested in Buckingham College of London and may not be used by the Representative without College permission.
  • Officials from Buckingham College of London will visit the premises of the Representatives. A report on the visit and the findings will be made available to the Representative for discussion with the College to uniform future developments and to ensure and to maintain requisite standards.
  • The representative will ensure that application forms are completed in their entirety by the applicant.
  • Buckingham College of London will provide all the information needed by the Representative for the successful promotion of Buckingham College of London. The Representative will also agree to attend training that is made available to the Representative by the College. This is to ensure that the quality of Buckingham College of London is fair recruitment processes are maintained.
How to Become an Agent of Buckingham College of London
In order to become an agent of Buckingham College of London you should have a proven track record and a history of working with professional institutions in the UK.
All potential agents must prove that they have successfully completed the "Agents Training Workshop" of the British Council. You are required to enclose a copy of the certificate completion along with your completed application form.
The process of becoming an agent is simple. Please follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Read our website and the courses that we offer. Make sure that you understand our philosophy as well as our course portfolio.
Step 2:
If you believe that you share the same vision and goals as Buckingham College of London and think that you can be a part of our international operations, please complete the “Application to become an agent of Buckingham College of London ” from the link in our website.
Step 3:
Send your completed application form to us (details can be found in the application form). Please allow around 4 weeks to process your application
Step 4:
If your application is successful, we will issue you an Agency Agreement that is valid for a period of 6 months (i.e. Probationary period).
Step 5:
If we are satisfied with your progress, at the end of this 6 months period; we will then offer you a 3-year agency agreement and also issue you an agency certificate. We will also register your details with the British Council as well as inform the British High Commission in your country. In the mean time, if you have any queries, please contact us at admin@bclondon.co.uk
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